Data and Network Security is an integral part of our daily lives, corporate organisation, institution, private small-medium businesses have been attacked recently, cases of email phishing, system hijack, malware, trojans virus and confidential documents are being compromised and destroyed. Non-compliance to the company’s security policies by users or employees has over time been indexed as a big factor that most times expose the corporate network to various attack and thereby resulting in loss of data and money.

We offer a web and application filtering technology with deep packet inspection that scans and screens web contents, block users from certain prohibited websites, monitoring of user’s activities, prevent unauthorised file upload and download, malicious, spam email messages over HTTP and HTTPS network. With a layer 8 UTM appliances that we deploy for customers who take security breach seriously, it helps them not only to reduce cost but to deny intrusion from illegal hosts and users and increase their company’s privacy.

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